Friday, February 27, 2015

I Suppose I'm One Of Those Hippies

My husband's co-worker once said that we were "hippish". And after we laughed about it at home, we gave it a little thought and went, "Huh. I suppose we are."

That's not our car. Source.

We don't necessarily look like your typical hippies. The way I see it, "hippies" have long dreadlocks and earthily colored clothes and they're not wearing any shoes. Or then they're the hipster type (from which the word hippie originally comes from) with a black turtle neck, black trousers, a beret and glasses. And then there's the 1960's type wearing psychedelic clothes and doing drugs on the grass.

Not to put on any labels.

No, but we definitely look more like your every day people except maybe that we're a bit shorter than average and, well, I'm almost always wearing a dress. Although I just realized I am actually barefoot in the picture of me in the first post and both my son and I are wearing vintage clothes from the 1950's. Ha.

But I wouldn't go out barefoot in the snow.

However, you know, when I think about it...

We are very nature-oriented people and try to do everything as naturally as possible and that does sound pretty hippish. I'm very specific about what we eat and it's all organic, unprocessed, GMO-free, often gluten-free, and as chemical free as possible - and I make all our meals myself. I even made all of my son's baby food, which is something people tend to roll their eyes about. We're very anti-chemicals all in all - from laundry detergents to cosmetics and from toothpaste to medicine. I have nothing against medicine but I try to avoid needing any and I very much think that some are there just so that the big drug industry can make some more money in addition to the few billion they already have and won't give to the poor in the world. We're also very much against all kind of animal cruelty (fur, ew), and I'm not a big fan of the rest of the clothing industry, either, because of child labor and slavery-like conditions and the overconsumption their low prices - and low quality - creates. I love clothes and dresses and make-up just as much as the next girl but I make sure I know where it comes from (for instance, People Tree) and I want to know that whoever made something I buy has gotten a decent pay for it. Or, quite often these days, I just make things myself, such as clothes, soaps, and even deodorant because I'm uneasy about the aluminium they're always made of (which has been linked to breast cancer in women). My own works great.

I swear by this product.

We're also definitely all about love not war. I take very seriously everything Jesus said about loving your neighbor and turning the other cheek. I'm not perfect in any way but I try. You may also see my husband taking part in pacifistic protests on important matters. I wouldn't say we're particularly active in politics (I wouldn't even have the time right now!) but we have strong opinions on most matters and educate ourselves on everything we hear about by reading books and studies on the matters.

And I'm definitely all about this logo.

And so I decided that since I have so much to say about all kinds of aspects of life, I'm going to dedicate a few separate posts to our hippish ways. The same co-worker of my husband's said that we should dedicate a whole book to our ideas and that sounds fabulous but let's just keep this here for now. I know I've been a rather slow blogger so far but I try not to stress about it and rather write good texts when I have the time to concentrate than just quickly scrabble something when my son's taking a nap.

And I do think this is totally going to work out :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I know the layout of the blog is quite simple and I'm trying to add a picture somewhere near the title of the blog but I just can't seem to figure out how. So we'll go with this for now. I think simple is anyway what I want.

But talking about changing and simplifying - I'm redecorating our house right now. FUN. We've lived here for about 3 years and this used to be my grandparents' house and we live here for now (and pay rent) until we buy a place of our own. Most of my grandparents' old furniture was still here when we moved and since we moved from a teeny tiny 39 square meter apartment to a 120 square meter row house we didn't have a lot of furniture, so we thought we could use the old stuff for a while. And my parents said it was ok, but they had plans for them later. It was all rather dark and heavy sort of decor - not exactly my style but pretty, and it was great because we couldn't have afforded anything new at the time when we were both still studying. Well, that while turned into three years but now - yesterday in fact - the last dark brown bookshelves found a new home and now I'm making this place all white and colorful and most importantly - I'll make it look like us! All this time, living in my grandparents' house with their furniture and all, I haven't felt like I really lived here.. It was absolutely great we got to move here but I did sort of end up feeling like I was a guest here. In my own home. And since I now have a family and all, it was sort of weird that the only home my son's ever known where we've lived his whole life didn't feel like my home.

Now, isn't this cute?. Source.

But now I don't feel that way anymore :)

However, right now, it's kind of like having a long picnic in the living room since we have no furniture of our own there yet, ha! Our couches haven't arrived yet and, like I said, we just sold all the shelves so all we have is a mattress in the middle of the living room for some comfort and our TV, DVD's and my husband's video game stuff on the floor. And a lot of books lying around. And my son's toys. (His room is still the same, of course, since we obviously bought him a bed and other furniture when I was pregnant. And painted the walls blue. :) Luckily we did get a dining table pretty fast after the old one was taken by my uncle but for a while we didn't have that, either, and let me tell ya, it was rather tricky giving your toddler dinner with no furniture to sit on or eat at. Haha!

Cosy, eh?

But I'm really excited about this now and even though we don't have a lot of money since, you know, I'm home, we're still going to be able to buy some cute Ikea things with the money we got from the shelves and some savings and I'm also finding lovely treasures at thrift/resale stores. Nothing has to be expensive and fancy but they will be ours. And that makes them special.

Friday, February 6, 2015

About me.


So my name is Ruth and I think I'm going to start blogging again. I had another kind of blog before but I then decided it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do and took a break from it. But now I miss having a blog. So I went and started another! And named it Ruth Writes About Stuff. Because that's what I'm going to do here. Write. About stuff.

What is all this fabulous stuff then? Well, we'll see. On the blog itself, I'm going to write about whatever is on my mind at the moment. Maybe add some pictures too although I do feel it's better to keep some privacy these days. And then I'm going to publish my fiction here whenever I get something done or feel like I want to share some of my old stuff. I also write songs and every now and then I might share some of that - stuff - too. Without the music, they're just poems but I might get all brave and make videos of myself singing them. :)

I am not a professional writer (yet?) but a stay-at-home mom. I studied English (philology and literature) and got my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. A few months before that I got married to the love of my life and we now have a 22-month-old son together, the apple of my eye.

Could we have summer all year long?

I write in English as I am bilingual myself (having lived abroad when I was little and with family in the States) but we live in Finland, a beautiful country in Northern Europe, full of lakes and trees. And a lot of snow, most of the time. We currently live in the suburbs of a bigger city, but we are planning on buying a house of our own now in a year or so. I do dream of that cute picket fence somewhere in the countryside. And my own little vegetable garden. Aw, and some chickens. Totally.

In addition to being a mother and a wife, I am a Christian and God plays a big role in my life. I normally go to Lutheran or Pentecostal church but I really don't understand why there are so many different denominations and why you have to "choose one" - same God, that's all that matters.

I love everything that comes with being a mother like playing with my son and teaching him things, cooking and baking, sewing, reading silly Dr Seuss books out loud and washing a huge pile of laundry every day. :) I plan on homeschooling him which is going to be a fun experience and also when my son's a bit older and I have more time, I'm planning on writing my Book - which is something you'll hear me say a lot.

And now I'm also going to be a blogger and write about all this famous stuff you've heard so much about.