Friday, April 10, 2015

Yes, it's true - my son is TWO!

Today is quite special, yes, I'm telling you,
because my little boy, now, he's turning TWO!
At nine fifty-nine it will be true,
such a big boy, this is all so new!

He's so very cute and so very kind,
with so many things in his smart little mind.
But he still doesn't tell them, though there are some signs
that all those new words he too will soon find.

But oh how he loves to listen and read
and run around the house in very high speed.
He's a great little help and surprisingly neat,
he picks up his toys and is always so sweet.

His favorite things are pots to play-cook
and he eats lots of cheese and all kinds of fruit.
He loves to ride buses and thinks all dogs are cute
and puzzles and games are all his strong suit.

He's always so happy, though sometimes he'll cry,
but if you show Mickey Mouse everything is all right.
He loves to be held and sung to at night
holding his blankie in his hands very tight.

And if you ever met us, I know you would see
there's none in this world as precious to me.
I love you so much and hope you'll agree
that a very happy birthday this one will be!

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